Loopmix (1.0.1TRIAL) doesn't work properly in Reaper 6.75

The VSTi and VST3i both have a similar issue. The playback doesn’t start immediately. There is a delay (which varies) of around a Bar.

The VSTi also plays a loud saw buzzing sound whilst the playhead moves before Loopmix plays.

Hello JimDiGritz,

Is this happening in standalone mode too, or only in Reaper?
Have you tried to tweak your buffer settings and see if that solves the issue?

This only affects the plugin in Reaper. Standalone works fine.

The ‘SAW’ buzzing does change in pitch when I change the Reaper buffer setting (eg at 256 buffer the saw tone is quite high, at 512 and 1024 it drops in pitch)

I’ve figured out the issue.

In Reaper I’ve set the starting bar to be 0, with the Project Start Time 00:00 at the start of the 1st Bar.

This is pretty common in Reaper since it means you have a bar of ‘pre-roll’ before the timecode and bars start.

Loopmix is obviously hard-coded/tied to the Time code, so whilst the Project is still in negative timecode it just repeats a tone (very quickly). If I remove the pre-roll and start the Project Time at 00:00, Loopmix behaves.

It would be good to resolve this.

Thanks for the information, we will check how we can enable a pre-roll option for when it is supported by DAWs.