Humanization and CC Controls

I’m considering buying RIffer - From your overview video I see almost no randomization features. The ability to set randomization ranges for both velocity and time would be very helpful for musicality. Also including MIDI CC’s would be very powerful, similar to Venmomode Phrasebox

Hi @maxbowie, thanks for asking.

Riffer supports the option to set randomization ranges for Pitch, Duration, Velocity and Density independently.
To do this, click any of them to enter its tab. You’ll be able to adjust its range from the vertical slider on the left of the piano roll.

You can set randomization ranges for velocity here:

By “Time”, do you mean Duration? In this case, you can set its range the same way:

Same for Density. Each of the four piano rolls is also independent.

As for MIDI CC’s, it’s supported too. You may use MIDI Learn or assign any parameters through the Settings tab, which includes all the MIDI options.

To make sure if Riffer works for you, you may download its Trial version here: RIFFER by Audiomodern™ | The Creative MIDI Sequencer

Hi Katerina, thank you veery much for your response. By timing, I mean the timing of quantization, to humanize the timing of the strikes, not just the duration of the strikes (Which is great!)
Being able to humanize the overall tightness of timing (not just the note durations) would be great. For humanization, I think randomizing the timing would probably be more useful than durations.

Great job so far, it looks like there’s tremendous potential here!

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Thank you @maxbowie ! Sounds very interesting. We’ll work on it for a future update :slight_smile: