Chordjam sequencer interface does not work with Cakewalk

Hi I am new with Chordjam. But it seems when using in conjunction with cakwalk you cannot use the user part of the sequencer. You cannot place chords because the interface wouldn’t register clicks from your mouse.
If I use chordjam in another DAW like Ableton it works fine. So I guess it is the combination with cakewalk that makes the interface be like that. All my other plugins work with cakewalk. So this is really a pity. :frowning:

Hello kjlietz,
Sorry to hear that, this shouldn’t happen.
Could you please share a screenshot of the problem?

Also, which Cakewalk version are you using?

Actually, I experienced it during my livestream. Unfortunately, it is in German, but you see what happens in the video footage:

My Cakewalk version is the newest, version 2022.06 (Build 034, 64 bit)

Have you tried to click to add a chord (dot) first , and then try to resize it with a second mouse click/drag?

Thanks, I tried this and it actually works like this.

But if I start it “wrong” as I did in the livstream it is not recoverable. It even crashed on me and took Cakewalk as well a one of my keyboards with it.
Anyway, I think the problem is more on the Cakewalk side. As Chordjam works fine in other DAWs and it even works finde inside from Unify (from PluginGuru) while Unify is running under Cakewalk.